The Centre for Health Promotion – CEDAPS

The organization:  The Centre for Health Promotion – CEDAPS – is a non-governmental, not for profit organization established in 1993 that operates in Rio de Janeiro. CEDAPS’ mission is to promote the full participation of grassroots communities in the processes of development and improvement of public policies that work in these areas, contributing to the promotion of health, the guarantee of rights and equity. 

CEDAPS believes that health is a fundamental human right that must be equitably to all citizens.  The Health Promotion focus of their work aims to build a healthy society – one in which all citizens have equal access to resources that build the quality of life: education, housing, preserved environment, employment and income , information, culture and recreation, sanitation, food, security, social participation and quality of health services.

The relationship: Working alongside the Brazilian NGO CEDAPS,  MIT and UNICEF, the iLab Latin America is helping develop the Environmental Youth-led Risk Mapping Project in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This cutting-edge mapping platform enables real-time data collection through web and mobile applications.

The  main goal of this project is to highlight the environmental risk factors that threaten the community in a way that gains visibility in order to encourage the government and local authorities to deal with those threats.   

InSTEDD iLab Latin America has contributed to solving  technical issues on the platform, simplify the interface of the application as well as increasing the usability of the tool. 

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