February 1st, 2019: For immediate release from the InSTEDD CEO Wendy Schultz-Henry: “I am pleased to announce on behalf of the InSTEDD team and our Board of Directors the appointment of Nicolas di Tada as Chief Technology Officer.

Nicolas di Tada

Nico has successfully led our technology design and development team activities for ten years as our  Director Of Engineering. He brings both a unique and elegantly simple approach to design, and deep experience working directly with beneficiaries and grass roots groups in the field.  As I have worked with Nico over the years, it is clear that he is a strong listener and mentor, so I am thrilled to collaborate with Nico in shaping the future for InSTEDD and our mission to design and develop technology for social good.

In the CTO role, Nico will lead our global design & technology strategy, including expanding our offering into new domains and taking advantage of exponential technologies.”