Public Health Program Support with Technology

A recent site visit at the Boone County Health Department in West Virginia

Who are we?

InSTEDD is a US based nonprofit organization that helps health departments use of technology to improve programs. We know that one size does not fit all, and our approach is to understand your needs and design solutions together. Our ability to support health departments include websites, digital data collection, automated reminder and text message systems , and other special technology projects having to do with public health urgent issues. Sample projects we are currently supporting include opioid crisis response, teen substance abuse and disaster threat preparedness.

What can we help you with?

  • Upgrades to your Website
  • Customized Automated Hotline and Text Message Systems
  • Digital Data Collection and Analysis
  • Shared Ride System Planning¬†
  • Youth Engagement with Technology
  • Custom Technology Projects

How we work:

  • We do a consultation to understand your needs
  • We work together to design the technology solution
  • We travel to your county to do a launch and staff training
  • We provide personalized troubleshooting and technical support

County Health Website Refresh: Before and After

We will be excited to talk with you about your needs. Please contact Joseph Agoada ( or call 617-909-6007