Focus Areas

Good design processes allow for groups to analyze their goals, understand constraints, and produce solutions that fit within resource limits and manage risks. From problem statement through prototyping to implementation, we work side-by-side with partners to realize solutions to complex problems and challenges.

With the proliferation of mobile phone ownership and network coverage, mobile tools have the ability to provide access to public information hotlines, surveys, and alerting systems. We design and build open source tools that harness the potential of mobile technology for programs as small as pilots and up to large scale complex deployments.

Accessible, trustworthy data on facilities, resources and staff allows for more efficient preparation and response to disaster scenarios, public health planning, and other development activities. We work with public institutions and community organizations to design and implement technologies and information architecture that improve data flow and delivery.

Diagnostic data transmitted automatically from devices to public health decision makers accelerates positive healthcare outcomes and produces unprecedented information quality and depth. We enable connectivity solutions for the secure and digital reporting of disease test results from devices directly into health systems.

New and groundbreaking technology such as drones, sensors, and 3D printers represent opportunities for exponential impact. We work with philanthropies, implementing organizations and innovators to proactively understand and evaluate emerging technologies for integration into disaster response and field programs.