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InSTEDD works with partners to apply its organizational expertise in the design, development, and deployment of programs and technologies for social impact. Past work with partners has included design event management, technical platform architecture, mobile hotline and survey deployment, capacity building trainings, and exploring use cases of emerging technology for humanitarian response.

Design and Discover Innovation

If your organization wants to begin a design process to explore the possibilitiesfor applying technology to solve a complex social problem, we can:

  • Develop design processes and events to uncover needs, requirements, and risks,
  • Lead goal setting and technology strategy sessions,
  • Advise technology decision makers for long-term sustainable thinking,
  • Produce project scenarios from which you can see a menu of options of cost, risk, and maturity,
  • Facilitate discovery and analysis of emerging tech for cost benefits and pathways to pilots.

Develop Technology for Implementation

If your organization is planning to develop and implement a field based program using technology, we can:

  • Help accelerate pilots, leverage ready to go products and integrate your existing tools with complimentary platforms.
  • Develop new tools when needed for collecting data, visualizing information, creating alerts, etc.
  • Plan for scale when it comes to user and administrator on boarding and working with technical partners, such as telecoms.
  • Design local capacity building and strategies for global scale.

Deployment Support and Problem Solving

If you are needing technology help in an ongoing project or program, we can:

  • Analyze why things aren’t working and share troubleshooting ideas.
  • Establish scalable platforms for challenges in health, safety, and development.
  • Integrate open source or proprietary tools.
  • Meet custom development and full scale integration needs.
  • Work with or foster open source and collaborative user communities of a platform or tool.

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