Emerging Technology

Why is InSTEDD Excited about Emerging Technology?

InSTEDD recognizes that a new wave of emerging technologies has the potential for exponential social impact. With our headquarters in Silicon Valley California, we are actively engaged and in conversation about new exciting technology like unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), 3D printers and sensors. Embedded in our mission is a responsibility to proactively explore the intersection of social need and capacity for technical to improve health, safety and development.

Is Emerging Technology a Focus Area for InSTEDD?

Emerging technology is a new and evolving focus area for InSTEDD. We are seeking out pragmatic needs, balancing the reality of early stage technology innovation with the recognition that at one time a time mobile phones for humanitarian response was seemingly not feasible and now is a fundamental communication component. We want to ensure that communities are engaged in the process of discovering how they want to use technologies and what is appropriate.  What’s worthwhile to do in the near term? What is worth researching and looking into further?  

What is InSTEDD's Approach to Emerging Technology?

In engaging with emerging tech we will first seeking to understand problems and needs; engaging with local community and first responders for long-term and sustainable development. For example with sensors –  collecting data for the sake of collecting data or 3D printing everything just because you can are potential pitfalls. Over our organizational history we’ve experienced emerging technology become established and create enormous impact. In our process we will be reevaluating the problems that already exist and what will carry the most impact in the light of having a new technology in your toolkit.

Who Do We Want to Work With on Emerging Technology?

We believe that frontline innovators and the NGOs and organizations that stand to gain from emerging technology don’t have the resources and time to convene the tech players. We want to help sensitize the technology side to the social needs, and sensitizing the users where does it makes sense to balance risk and reward. We see great impact potential and are open, listening, and ready to vet what’s feasible and go after the best opportunities in emerging technology.

Video on our latest Emerging Tech Work:

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