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Logo: iLab Latin AmericaIn April of 2011, InSTEDD launched an innovation laboratory or iLab in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the goal of building technological capacity for addressing health, safety and sustainable development issues in the Latin American region.

The iLab Latin America is the result of a partnership between InSTEDD and Manas, a Buenos Aires-based software development and consulting firm.  Through this collaboration, the iLab Latin America is helping NGOs, governments, social entrepreneurs and other organizations in Latin America design and use collaboration technology tools to better deliver critical services to vulnerable populations, while building and optimizing their technological capacities to support their humanitarian work.

iLab - WhiteboardIn 2007, InSTEDD started the first iLab in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, iLab Southeast Asia, with the goal of building technical capacity for addressing health, safety and development issues in the Mekong Basin.  The iLab Latin America, InSTEDD’s second iLab, was launched after the InSTEDD/Manas team identified specific needs within the Latin American cultural context to customize existing tools and develop new solutions in partnership with local communities.

In addition to providing collaboration technology consulting services to its partners, the iLab Latin America serves as a research and innovation space where public and private organizations across Latin America have the opportunity to proactively channel their questions and concerns in regards to social and humanitarian matters that would benefit from the implementation of information technology.

To learn more about the iLab Latin America, please visit the Spanish language website.


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