InSTEDD and Jembi Combine Efforts to Save Lives

InSTEDD and Jembi Combine Efforts to Save Lives
Mobile Technology and Health Informatics Leaders Join Forces to Improve Health Systems in Africa and Asia

KIGALI, RWANDA, JAN 2012 – InSTEDD and Jembi have announced their commitment to combine their efforts to significantly improve the health of the most difficult to reach and vulnerable populations in Asia and Africa.  The agreement gives both organizations a framework to develop new models for local capacity building to support the creation, use and evaluation of eHealth solutions that will improve the ability of national health systems to care for their populations.

The partnership is a natural fit, as both organizations share a similar vision of advancing global health care through locally driven technology innovations. InSTEDD and Jembi are taking advantage of an opportunity to increase social impact by leveraging each organization’s expertise, networks, knowledge and skills in order to enhance the quality of health care for suffering populations. “This collaboration will help to improve the health and well being of large numbers of individuals, families and communities throughout the world.” said InSTEDD CEO, Dr Dennis Israelski. “We already have plans to use e-health approaches to reduce death and misery caused by HIV and TB in Southern Africa.”

Jembi Executive Director, Dr Chris Seebregts, added: “We are confident that the benefits of our partnership will lead to improvements in prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS and TB in Southern Africa. Furthermore, this partnership will extend to to other critical areas, such as better controlling disease outbreaks, reducing child mortality through efforts such as increasing uptake of childhood vaccinations globally and improving the likelihood that women will have safe pregnancies.”

Dr Paul Biondich, Co-founder of OpenMRS and a mutual collaborator of both organizations was present during the signing of the formal partnership agreement and said, “This partnership helps to address a fundamental need in the global health informatics space.  I am very impressed with Jembi’s and InSTEDD’s approach to capacity development, and feel confident that together, these organizations will amplify each other’s innovative spirit and successful track record.”

Jembi and InSTEDD collaborate regularly with many influential partners in the eHealth sphere, including the Canadian International Development Research Centre, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Health Informatics Public Private Partnership funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.  

The joint efforts of these two organizations will have a profound global impact on the health and safety of the most at risk and vulnerable populations.


InSTEDD is a non-profit organization focused on using a blend of social and technical approaches to improve global health, safety and development.  Through a combination of community based capacity building, human-centered software development, and in-depth research and evaluation, InSTEDD enhances collaboration to better deliver critical services and information to vulnerable populations.  InSTEDD’s highly skills interdisciplinary team of public health experts, scientists, and software engineers works closely with leading consultants and strategic partners in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Through collaboration, InSTEDD is able to maximize resources and work faster, smarter and more cost effectively.


Jembi Health Systems is an African NGO focusing on advancing global health through the use of innovative technologies in eHealth and health information systems in developing countries. Jembi provides the technical skills, tools and implementation expertise needed to develop software solutions, analyse and re-engineer health systems and undertake research into how best to apply and implement health information systems in low resource settings.





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