August 15, 2010

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is no longer defined by the dark history of the Khmer rouge.  However, the shadow cast by the Khmer Rouge has left a huge void in the educated workforce, particularly in the health sector. With a life expectancy of 60 years, 40% of the population living below the poverty line and just 0.16 physicians for every 1,000 people, Cambodia’s health care system faces extreme challenges.


InSTEDD has provided support for health staff coordination and training using mobile phones. GeoChat is supporting information-sharing between operational districts and health centers, as well as other health focused communication needs. By keeping the district-level staff in the field but connected via their mobiles to their supervisors, they receive alerts and information about new disease protocols or events in neighboring provinces.  This prepares them to be on high alert for potential outbreaks within their districts.

Photography by Jessica Pons

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