Too much debriefing and blogging needs to be done, and this is not an attempt to do so. I just wanted to share a diagram with the current situation of connections between systems and telcos at Haiti. It’s probably very technical, but good as reference:

Some references:

  1. Digicel: Haitian Telco
  2. Ax: Preexisting connection to Digicel done by Votident
  3. Comcel: Haitian Telco, a.k.a Voila
  4. Clickatell: International aggregator
  5. ad-hoc development from Ushahidi to curate incoming messages. Soon to be moved to
  6. EIS: Emergency Information System, developed for Thomson Reuters Foundation by InSTEDD
  7. Nuntium: Messaging service by InSTEDD
  8. Geochat: Group communication tool over SMS. (more)
  9. Ushahidi: Crisis map of incoming messages.
Hope it’s helpful, please send any feedback or corrections.
(thanks Brian for the kick-off)