After some problems in the way messages where received before from Digicel, they have now re-routed the incoming messages (MO) through SMPP, the standard protocol for SMS messaging. Messages from both carriers are now being handled by Nuntium, an InSTEDD open source and free service for messaging.

The infrastructure looks like this now:

  1. Digicel: Haitian Telco
  2. Ax: Preexisting connection to Digicel done by Votident
  3. Comcel: Haitian Telco, a.k.a Voila
  4. Clickatell: International aggregator
  5. Crowdflower: provider of the platform for tagging, translating and geo-locating messages.
  6. EIS: Emergency Information System, developed for Thomson Reuters Foundation byInSTEDD
  7. Nuntium: Messaging service by InSTEDD
  8. Geochat: Group communication tool over SMS. (more)
  9. Ushahidi: Crisis map of incoming messages.