Guiding Principles

Simply put, we work to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. Through our network of  governments, universities, corporations, international health organizations, humanitarian NGOs and local communities around the world, we identify requirements for enhanced information flow, better cross-sector collaboration and more effective collective action.  

Where solutions already exist, we integrate them. If another technology can be adapted to meet the needs, we re-purpose it. If a genuine gap is found, where no solution exists and no market pressures are driving the necessary innovation, we build it ourselves. Then we give it away, at little to no cost and open source.  We collaboratively test, train and deploy those solutions within the areas of the world that most need them. We continue to monitor these efforts in order to make sure we’ve aimed correctly and are able to make adjustments to ensure their effectiveness and utility. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where communities everywhere design and use technology to continuously improve their health, safety and development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve global health, safety and sustainable development through:

  • Building Capacity within communities to foster a local culture of innovation
  • Creating Tools to support collaboration for social good
  • Collaborating With End Users through a human-centered design & development process
  • Ensuring Impact through research and evaluation

Our Values

As an organization we are committed to guide our work towards a vision based on shared values:

  • Social Responsibility: Progress can be made in reducing human suffering, death, and disease on a local and global level. We believe we have a responsibility to use all our skills, knowledge and experience to make a positive impact on global health and safety.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is a driving force in overcoming information silos and divisions, allowing different communities and sectors to work together effectively to achieve common goals. We shape our programs and technologies to support and enhance local and global collaboration aimed at achieving meaningful social impact.
  • Agility: We believe the most effective programs and technologies are flexible and iterative and are built on joint participation of the communities they are meant to serve.  We work in incremental and adaptive steps, side by side with our stakeholders and beneficiaries, to jointly design programs and technologies that have measurable impact.