We are thrilled to announce that we’ve launched another new tool – Pollit.

Pollit is a free, open-source tool for conducting polls using text messages. Step-by-step, Pollit guides participants through polls and collects real-time results. Pollit shrinks the gap between audiences and pollers, taking the pulse of the people anytime and anywhere there’s mobile phone service.


As an example, let’s say that you need to conduct a survey about identifying the needs of a particular community so that you can help them get the resources they need.  Before allocating limited resources, it’s important to understand the most pressing needs of your community. And no one knows those needs better than the people who make up that community. With Pollit,
you can conduct a community poll with a minimum of time and other resources, assessing high-priority needs and interventions while identifying a critical mass of people willing to take action.


Check out some more examples as well as a deeper dive into the tool at http://pollit.instedd.org/