New and expecting mothers have a lot on their plates.  There are vitamins to take, doctors appointments to remember and immunizations to schedule.  College students are invariably tasked with research projects, internship responsibilities to fulfill, exam dates and study group schedules.  Diabetics can feel overwhelmed with daily disease management, the insulin dosing schedules and dietary limitations to be mindful of.

What do these three groups have in common?  
They could all benefit from occasional reminders to keep them on track.  This is where one of our latest free and open source tools, Remindem comes into play.  Health care providers, professors or individuals can set up a system of unique, scheduled reminders which will be sent out via text message to subscribers.  We imagine that applications of Remindem will vary across countries and communities, but it could look like a schedule of text messages for HIV prevention and safer sex tips for high risk communities or a set of appointment reminders, pre-natal development milestones and suggestions for eating healthy that a health care provider offers to all expecting mothers.

The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination!  Remindem is not only free and open source but also integrates easily with many other technologies in our tool kit.

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