Illustration of Mesh4X's features

The challenge:

Applications for social needs in low-resource environments or crisis need to work with occasional and unpredictable network connections, and share data across applications, allowing changes to flow between users and devices bi-directionally.

The tool:

Mesh4X is a set of libraries, services and applications that allow data to be synchronized across multiple applications, databases and files. It uses standards to represent your data and how it is changed by users, and reconciles the difference whenever two data sources are connected to each other. This allows you to see and edit data records on mobile phones (and not just “report” data), and to merge databases and maps that have been edited at the same time while users are offline. Adapters exist for Excel files, Access databases, Google spreadsheets, most Java NHibernate-compatible databases, KML files, EpiInfo, and J2ME RMS.