Veegilo is a simple tool that helps you contain disease outbreaks faster by collecting information about cases in a simple and unified way.

The Challenge

Regional networks spanning multiple countries are formed to share disease information, improve cross-border monitoring and collaboration and accelerate outbreak response, and they need a way to aggregate and visualize reports from multiple countries together.

What Is Veegilo?

Veegilo allows you to report and visualize information about disease instances and deaths from multiple sources and compare the information over specific time periods and locations in a shared space to easily monitor for possible outbreaks.  Veegilo can be used to simplify data entry  for international networks or applied at the national or provincial level.

How Does Veegilo Work?

All you and your collaborators need to do is enter the number of people who are infected or have died from a particular disease into the boxes on the calendar.  Veeglio combines all that information into one location and allows you to visualize that data onto a graph or map based on the disease type, location and time span that you define.


  • Define your own disease and location lists and reporting frequency
  • Collaborate with an unlimited number of contributors
  • Report data through a user friendly calendar
  • Visualize data on a map or graph
  • Contribute data from anywhere you can access the website
  • Collect all the information about infectious diseases in one place


  • See trends and patterns of diseases at a glance
  • Monitor growing threats through clear visuals
  • Collaborate with multiple countries, organizations and communities easily

Where Do I Start?

We are now in the development stage.  If you think that you may be able to use Veeglio to support your work, please get in touch with our team.

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