The Myanmar Ministry of Health, Skoll Global Threats Fund, InSTEDD, Malaria Consortium, and 50 leading health and technology specialists will meet in the EpiHack Myanmar™ in Yangon on April 25th – 29th, 2016, to find and report outbreaks faster.

What is <EpiHack/>

EpiHack™ is a health focused hackathon bringing together health and technology specialists to collaboratively produce ideas, tools and a network that can act as a first line of surveillance and response for disease outbreaks.

EpiHack™ Myanmar is the sixth event of its kind, and the first to be held in Myanmar. Successful EpiHacks have previously been held in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Tanzania and Brazil.

EpiHack™ Myanmar is a five day collaboration event that brings together technologists, epidemiologists and public health experts for intensive co-creation and prototyping of solutions to find and report outbreaks faster. The EpiHack fuses elements of hacking (in legal software development terms), marathon-like intensive coding and development in a short period of time, with elements of a symposium on innovations in disease surveillance and epidemiology.

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Why Myanmar

Connectivity is quickly increasing across Myanmar with the arrival of new mobile providers and growing investments in infrastructure. Mobile and web technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to optimise and streamline the collection, dissemination, aggregation and visualisation of disease related information. EpiHack™ will build on such technologies to improve disease surveillance and outbreak response in Myanmar.

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