At InSTEDD, we envision a world

where communities everywhere

design and use technology

to continuously improve their

health, safety, and development.

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Featured Stories

A Battle Without Borders: Strategies to Stop Deadly Pandemics
“Act now, or pay later,” how we can strengthen the fight against the “Unseen Enemy” of pandemic disease.

Chasing the Paper Trail of Patient Data in Uganda
How we can accelerate and prioritize digitization efforts for improved health systems in Uganda.

Chatbot Innovation with World Food Program
With support from InSTEDD, the WFP mVAM team has produced a chatbot for improved communication with the beneficiaries they serve.

Are Wearable Technologies and Mobile Apps Improving Health in Cambodia?
From the iLab Southeast Asia, a report on the proliferation of wearable technologies in Cambodia.

Unseen Enemy, the Documentary

Screenshot from Unseen Enemy CNN Documentary

From CNN Films comes Unseen Enemy, a powerful documentary about the potential looming crisis of the next deadly disease pandemic. We are proud of our partners and friends Dr. Mark Smolinksi and Dr. Larry Brilliant of Skoll Global Threats Fund who are featured in the film. InSTEDD is honored to be mission allies of the film. Learn More

Recent Work

InSTEDD current focus areas include Design Events and Prototyping, Mobile Tools and Platforms, Information System Architecture and Connectivity Solutions for Diagnostics Read more »

PlanWise with Concern Worldwide

With Concern Worldwide, we are developing an open source predictive analytics tool for public health planners and decision makers. Watch the animated short to learn why we are creating the tool and how it will visualize critical information to inform complex choices with real-world data.

Drone Discovery for Humanitarian Response

In partnership with Cisco CSR InSTEDD completed a discovery design program for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in humanitarian response. InSTEDD led a discovery process which included desk research, site visits and a three day discovery workshop at Singularity University. Read more»

News and Media

How ICTs Help WFP Increase Food Security in DRC
Mobile surveys in Congo and Somalia are helping the World Food Programme serve refugee populations.

National Disease Reporting Hotline Starts to Flourish in Cambodia
An update on our work in Cambodia setting up a free to the pubic hotline for information and reporting on disease outbreaks.

Postcard from the Field: Emily Aiken in Southern Africa
An update on technology and mobile phone usage in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Has Mobile Health Technology Not Reached its Full Life Saving Potential in Africa?
A Ugandan doctor explores why he believes the promise e-health technology has lagged in Africa.