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design and use technology

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health, safety, and development.

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A Battle Without Borders: Strategies to Stop Deadly Pandemics
“Act now, or pay later,” how we can strengthen the fight against the “Unseen Enemy” of pandemic disease.

Examining the Role of Innovation for Public Health Preparedness
Read about the lasting impact of a CDC and InSTEDD innovation that tracked travelers returning from the Ebola hot zone.

An Innovative Approach to Understanding the Global Threat of Non Communicable Diseases
Can conversational text-based computer programs make the leap from commercial use to helping development practitioners?

35,000 Calls & Counting: Update on Cambodia’s National Disease Reporting Hotline
Read the latest on our hotline deployment in Cambodia, including a story on its most important call yet

Responding to the Opioid Epidemic

Opioid addition is impacting communities across the United States. How can digital technology tools help ongoing response against this national epidemic? Learn More

Recent Work

InSTEDD current focus areas include Design Events and Prototyping, Mobile Tools and Platforms, Information System Architecture and Connectivity Solutions for Diagnostics Read more »

Cambodia’s National Disease Hotline in Action

In rural Cambodian many people sustain their livelihood through farming, and human to animal contact is a daily occurrence. This constant contact raises the threat of harmful diseases that jump from animal to human which can then become a deadly outbreak. In this video, learn how the Cambodian Ministry of Health is getting early detection and early response to these deadly disease threats.

“Foodbot”: Developing a WFP Chatbot to Communicate with Target Populations

Chatbots are an emerging technology that can assist humanitarians and international development practitioners to communicate with beneficiaries and community members via messenger apps. Read how we are working with the World Food Programme to create a chatbot that can help them in the fight against food insecurity and hunger. Read more »

News and Media

OK Chatbot: What is Your Value for Humanitarians?
Can conversational text-based computer programs make the leap from commercial use to helping development practitioners?

Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative: Making Strides in NCD Mobile Phone Survey Platforms
An update on our efforts for the Data for Health Initiative to support a global survey on the burden of non-communicable diseases in lower and middle income countries.

Designing a new communication channel – the Food Bot
World Food Program mVAM details its design approach in creating its chatbot, the Food Bot.

Why Has Mobile Health Technology Not Reached its Full Life Saving Potential in Africa?
A Ugandan doctor explores why he believes the promise e-health technology has lagged in Africa.

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