Fred Bullock

Board of Directors Alumni

Fred is a results driven, transformational marketing leader who combines the art and science of marketing to deliver business results through innovative marketing strategies and brilliant execution. His focus on “Age of Engage” marketing drives deep customer, partner and employee engagement resulting in extraordinary outcomes.

For 25 years Fred has led global and regional marketing teams that successfully launched and boosted growth of new technologies, products, and internet services. His working experience spans start-ups to established companies and includes Apple, AltaVista/Yahoo!, Firefly Mobile, Nokia, and HP.

Fred is currently vice president of marketing and business development at HP where he leads Americas marketing for PCs, workstations, smartphones and mobile devices, a $20B business. In this role Fred refocused marketing and brand strategy to concentrate on high value customer segments. He increased HP brand awareness, consideration and preference scores, improved profitability and supported HP regaining the number one market share position. He collaborates extensively with partners such as Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Verizon, and Telefonica. Fred’s team won Marketer of the Year as well as Analytics and Segmentation awards.

Prior to HP, Fred headed global smartphone and business services marketing at Nokia. He led marketing and brand strategy and drove programs that resulted in significant market share gains in BRIC countries and mature markets by combining disruptive marketing programs with innovative co-marketing initiatives with partners including AT&T, Vodafone, Gartner and China Mobile. Fred was a member of Nokia’s global brand strategy and management board that positioned Nokia to become the 6th most valuable global brand.

At start-up Firefly Mobile, Fred led all product and outbound marketing which successfully positioned the company as the leader in mobile phones for the youth market. He directed brand and product marketing, and forged marketing and merchandising agreements with retailers including Target and AT&T. His bold and innovative marketing partnership with Nickelodeon catapulted Firefly ahead of Disney and LG, and resulted in $40m first year sales.  The company won multiple awards for branding, marketing and product innovation.

As Chief Marketing Officer at AltaVista, Fred was part of the turnaround management team; he led global re-branding of the company and defined innovative service features resulting in new revenue streams that positioned the company for acquisition by Yahoo! He also led business development and forged mutually profitable relationships with partners including AOL, Amazon and Google.

Fred spent 14 years at Apple where his roles ranged from head of European product marketing to head to international software developer marketing to senior director of global brand marketing and advertising. He spent a significant part of his Apple career in international markets including India, Brazil, Australia and Japan, where his unique style of marketing helped drive brand awareness, consideration, preference and sales of Apple products.

Originally from the U.K., Fred has deep working experience across a broad spectrum of European, Asian and Latin American countries in addition to the US.