Wui Wui Yu

wuiwui-siteWui Wui has more than a decade’s experience in the technology field, working on communication programs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. She also led public relations campaigns in the Asia Pacific region at a software company, and was a communications consultant at a humanitarian organization. Her interests include how technology shapes communities and drives social innovation in developing countries, especially in opening new possibilities to address poverty. She was recently a Fellow at Kiva, a micro credit marketplace with a mission to alleviate poverty. Wui Wui studied systems design and international development at The London School of Economics, and was a recipient of the Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship. She had a bachelor’s degree in English Language Studies from the University of Science Malaysia. She is currently based in Kuala Lumpur and tweets from @wuiwuiyu.

Wui Wui will focus on engaging with the digital disease detection community on social media, including Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.